job creation and livelihoods, financial inclusion, market access and fair trade

Within a broad emphasis on job creation, livelihoods, and financial inclusion, DFIC is specifically focused on several issues or priorities:

DFIC and affiliates have invested in the following organizations: (Some investments are listed under more than one focus area.)

Devela (Alterna)

(Central America)

Beneficial Returns

(Latin America, Asia)

Boston Impact Initiative



(Central America / Andean region)



Freedom100 Fund


Friendship Bridge


Impaqto Capital

(Andean region))

IRC – Center for Economic Opportunity


Kiva Refugee Investment Fund


MCE Social Capital


Pomona Impact

(Central America / Andean region)

Reciprocity Fund

(Latin America, Asia )

Social Capital Fund


Untapped Global


UP Fund





(Central America / Andean region)