DF Impact Capital

DF Impact Capital is an investment vehicle that combines the impact investing activities of the Dunn Family Charitable Foundation (DFCF) and other family assets which have made allocations to high impact investing. The impact investing strategy includes both debt and equity investments, in the US and internationally.

In keeping with family values and the Foundation’s mission of poverty alleviation and social justice, plus an additional emphasis on climate action, the strategy and focus are:

Poverty alleviation and social justice through:

  • job creation and livelihoods, financial inclusion, market access
  • sustainable agriculture, small farmers, food security, and healthy food systems
  • community development and affordable housing
  • energy access and renewable energy

with additional focus on refugees and displaced persons, and Haiti, and Central America and climate change solutions and conservation.

Investments are typically in the range of $50K-200K and up to $500K.

DF Impact Capital and DFCF can consider blended finance solutions through the combination of grants, loans, and mission related investments.

We also seek opportunities where flexible and/or patient capital, a smaller loan or investment, and less bureaucratic reporting and documentation can be a catalyst to start a project or to expand an opportunity and enable management to be more impactful and successful.

DF Impact Capital does not currently accept unsolicited investment proposals.